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Name Development & Logo design

The primary vessel for brand equity is a name that supports an industry leadership position and effectively receives, stores and protects the essence of the brand. Heckler Branding builds on decades of experience working within a proprietary naming process, design process and proven strategy to develop unique, credible, effective names & logos crafted for durability and branding performance. A process that branded hundreds of successful companies and products, including a host of household names such as Starbucks, Panera, Cinnabon and K2.


Heckler Branding

Effective Names

Heckler Branding utilizes six criteria for evaluating name alternatives. The first and foremost is Uniqueness: The ideal name is an empty vessel, which receives, stores and protects all the meaning you develop, while minimizing previous associations. Credibility: Instantly perceived as proper and believable within key presentation contexts. Reproducibility: Easily spoken, written, spelled, read and heard. Legibility: Easily reproduced in all communication media; immune to noise factors; possesses presence and impact. Durability: Sufficiently capable of withstanding cultural and business modulations. Compatibility: Easily used in close proximity to other fixed verbal and visual content.


Heckler Branding


Below is a selection of brand names we have developed. We provide name development, logo design, naming systems, and brand architectural guideline services as components of our broader brand development services.



JThompson  Apparel
Cinnabon  Cinnamon rolls
Le Chatel  Crossants and pastries
Stimson Lane  Chateau Ste. Michelle
Ontain  Mobile commerce solutions
Etera  Garden products
Cavalon  Coffee
Qliance  Primary medical care specialists
Meridian  Coffee
Hyblue  Network security technology
Starbucks  Coffee
Wescan  Printer's services, color engraving
GNA  Financial management  
Bennington  Financial management  
Syncronex  High-tech publishing solutions
Sage  Fly rods  
Precor  Fitness equipment
Photazz  Glamour photography  
Premera  Washington State Blue Cross
QFresh  Grocery store chain  
Interpoint  High-tech power conversion
Abodio  Home furnishings  
Prescott  Real estate  
Volant  Ski equipment
Pro Select  Ski rentals  
Veritrade  Dutyback consultants
Seabear  Specialty seafood
Tello  Telecards
Coinstar  Coin exchange and coupons
Qpoint  Mortgage home loans
Enrev  Operating systems
Harborstone  Credit union
Altrec  Outdoor equipment
Onvia  Online business services
Visio  3-D drawing software
Enpria  IT staffing services
Onvance  In-store digital advertising
Phototrust  Digital photo preservation
Pointward  Marketing services
Simbree  Healthy energy foods
Qvance  IT professional recruitment
Itrieve  IT workforce staffing
Pointwing  HR recruitment software
Benevon  Non-profit fundraising consultants
Trumba  Web-based calendar publishing
Arivale  Scientific wellness  
Meristoga  American grown hemp
Trucora  Holding company
Qvisory  Consumer advocacy web community
Trupanion  Veterinary insurance
Qtrait  Genetic testing
Abodian  Premium custom cabinetry  
Teragren  Fine bamboo flooring products
Loudeye  Digital media solutions
Trusera  Online health network
Ipreo  Financial markets software solutions
Tabrio  Voip communications
iPi  T-Mobile text media technology
Allstride  Ricki Lake child wellness co.
Meracord  Contractual payment services
Blucora  Online search & monetization
Athorus  Patent solutions for innovators
Tenicor  Mindset tactics skill equipment
Inliant  Dental surgery technology
Archbright  Workplace performance experts
Staytime  Online hotel search and reservations
Tilray  Global cannabis
Marley Natural  Cannabis products
Landseye Logistics
Bosa1 Venture capital
Canaca Canadian cannabis
Sedron Technologies
Canyontree Investments
Ivyside Premium CBD products



Circles  Los Angeles
Stepps  Los Angeles
Skates  Upscale surf-and-turf, San Francisco
Palomino  Stylish city dining chain
Cutters  Eclectic food and drinks chain
Palisade  Waterfront dining
Maggie Bluffs  Marina grill
Pantana  Seattle
Triples  Seattle
Zoopa  Salad, bakery, pasta buffet
Kayak Grill  Seattle
Entros  Innovative games club
Forecasters  Redhook Brewery public house
Qdoba  Fresh Mexican grill chain
Panera  Bakery cafe
Yovanna  Fresh yogurt
Pretzia  Pretzel maker
Taprock  Northwest grill
Eltana  Wood-Fired bagel cafe
Carvera  Argentinean grill
Dalina  Market cafe


Orcadia  Bottled water from Oregon
Echo  Johnson & Johnson rubber stamps
Alloset  Financial model software
Encarta  Microsoft encyclopedia software
Cinemania  Microsoft film guide software
Vizact  Microsoft document animation
Carpoint  Microsoft Internet car-buying guide
Answerpoint  Microsoft support services
Vinsight  Microsoft interactive wine guide
Tiazzi  Starbucks juiced tea
Peaks  Rainier Beer’s non-alcoholic brew
Blueline  Redhook specialty beers
Doubleblack  Redhook Brewery stout
Sunrye  Redhook Brewery summer seasonal ale
PRE  Ski company, Sun Valley
Farron Ridge  Stimson Lane wine
Lightrider  Children’s car seat
Makara  Cinnabon brand cinnamon
Rubymoon  Cinnabon brand coffee
Catana Blend  Rubymoon blend
Carrico Blend  Rubymoon blend
Vareva Juice  Cinnabon-brand juice  
Big Hat Blend  Starbucks Texas blend
Septor  Notable pager software
Navigator  Starbucks Sam’s Club coffee
UWCare  University of Washington medical clinic
T9  Text input technology
Aravon  New Balance specialty footwear
Ivardog  Ivar’s Safeco Field sandwich
Studio Blend  Starbucks coffee blend
Grounders  Ivar's Safeco Field garlic fries
Vodia  Starbucks media services
Zaqua  Oxygenated bottled water
Spirit Bay  Soups and sauces
Optreve  DVD enhancement technology
Crispani  Panera flatbread
TorqTV  Streaming media technology
Zimray  Chicago Title web-based service
Brainetics  Mind and memory development  
Tabrio  Universal communication software
Mastrena  Starbucks espresso machine
Argenus  Air sterilizer  
Viprion  F5 Networks app delivery hardware
Coroxane  Abraxis' cancer treatment
Zafire   Oberto meat snack brand
Elphi  Remote device technology
NBRx  New Balance performance foot health
Our Table  Entrees by Dream Dinners
ShareCrate Delivered meals by Dream Dinners
5-Up THC oil by Canaca
10-Up THC oil by Canaca



Provail  Cerebral palsy services
Farestart  Food/beverage training program
Mainstay  State training program
Kindering  Special-needs learning center
Islandwood  Environmental learning center
Soundbridge  Seattle Symphony music experience
Futurewise  Environmental interest group
Benevon Sustainable funding for nonprofits
Viva Foundation  Cancer treatment
Landesa  Rural development institute
Cranory  Art that serves



98 Union  Apartments
Arbor Place  Apartments
Alpenguild  Resort membership
Alpenuity  Resort common stock
Odyssey  Maritime museum
Kachina Point  Retirement community
Orchard Point  Retirement community
Newmark  Shopping center
Dryworks  Dunham boots waterproof lining
Q Flex  Boeing developmental system
Suncadia  Resort community
Orvis Shorefox  Ranch resort community
Latchorn  Private ranch community
Ionact  Aravon shoes technology
Velocor  Aravon shoes foot beds
Primalux  Aravon shoes cushioning
Hopfire  Mobile media web portal
Encap  New Balance footwear technology
Xcora  Teragren strand bamboo technology
Versalite  Dunham footwear technology
Abbrio  Kitchen & bath retail showroom    
Onliant  Online greenhouse supplies
Viktikor  Split second fantasy sports app
Trucise Fit design by Tenicor


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